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March 30th 2018
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Steve in Petra

Steve in Petra - Photo by Pat

Welcome to my personal corner of cyberspace. I use the site to show off some of my photographs. If you like what you see, why not get in touch?

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Pink Rhodedendron at Lanhydrock

Pink Rhodedendron, Lanhydrock

Tewkesbury Abbey

Tewkesbury Abbey

Lake District

We have been visiting the English Lake District for many years. WE used to visit every Easter for years with the children. They have now long since left home.

Last October we were there when the end of storm Ophelia passed through. It felt as if the hotel windows were going to blow out! More recently, in March 2018, we were there again - in the same hotel. We had just had a cold spell but we got a couple of sunny days at the beginning of the week.

The new images of the Lake District are here.


Looking back over pictures from the last few years, I realised that I have vistied several garden, but not shared the images here. So, I have added images from more gardens including the National Trust Garden at Lanhydrock and RHS Rosemoor.

My knowledge of horticulture bring what it is, I cannot name all the flowers. It has been joked that my understanding is at the level of "If it is white it is probably a daisy. If it isn't, it probably isn't!"

So, if you can tell me what the White and Red flowers at Lanhydrock are... I'll update the title.

The flowers from Lanhydrock and Rosemoor are here.

Tewkesbury Abbey

The old medieval abbey at Tewkesbury is not far from Thornbury. The town itself is interesting with a lot of restaurants - a particular interest of mine!

The images here are of the interior of the abbey taken on a visit in August 2017.

The images are here.